Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well, That's Cool

So I get an email the other day that says "You've received a sponsorship offer." I follow the link to my Sponsorhouse homepage and digitally sign a sponsorship agreement with Rudy Project. I'll be wearing Rudy glasses and helmets for the next two years. I've always coveted their stuff from a distance, and I'm psyched to get a chance to put it all to a test in 2008 (and I'm happy to leave my Louis Garneau aero helmet behind, which made me look somewhat like a martian).

And then yesterday I received an offer from an international triathlon team (no Toby, it isn't TriDubai). I find myself suddenly in the position of my friend Janda Ricci-Munn (see sidebar for link). I have the possibility of being part of a small, new team, or a large, established team. Obviously the deals offered are important, but I find myself leaning towards the smaller team. I tried to explain this to my buddy Mark Vautor, although he made some excellent points, foremost of which was "What does a team matter in triathlon anyway?" I said I'd like to be able to train with my friends. He said I'd be able to do that anyway, which is true. So does my decision simply boil down to which team offers a better deal on a better bike? I hope not. If that's the case, I'm doing this sport for the wrong reasons.

In other news (since it's the offseason), I'd like to report I've skied almost 70 miles in the past two weeks. I'm hooked. Even went to Peak Performance last night to put a skate package on hold. Derek Treadwell, Doug Welling and I went out to the Pineland Center and skied almost all of their 25K of trails (we made about 12 miles). Derek, of course, was ready to go for more, but Doug had to get to work and I had a blister. I know, I know. What's marvelous about, though (and I know I sound like a zealot) is the ability to exercise for long periods of time, outdoors, while building a great base for next season's running, swimming, and biking. It's a win-win, because it keeps me off my trainer and excited about staying fit through the holidays, which is always a dangerous time.

I'll let you know about the team in the next few days (their logo will then be plastered all over the place). In the meantime, anyone want an inexpensive aero helmet?

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