Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lifetime Fitness Ass-kicking

This is gonna be pretty short, as it's around 10:30 and I'm exhausted, but finally on the recovery from a pretty tough few days. Bottom line: I got served out in Minneapolis, but I hear from the front runners that there was a little drafting going on at the front of the pack. I should know better than to mix it up w/ITU/World Cup guys, because I got dropped from the swim about 30 seconds into the race. If you count the weekend in Lake Placid as a race (I'm going to), I've raced 10 times over the past month and a half. I'm fried. Mid-season blues? Got 'em. I'll try to put together a post tomorrow about fighting the good fight against those. Oh, yeah, the picture. I'm the guy w/the mutton chops, about the only thing I'm known for in the pro field right now.


April Bowling said...

All I know is that you're the guy who amazed my coach (and janda's a hard guy to amaze) at the MIT TT. In his words, "Chris Bagg kicked my ass."

Anybody who can kick J's ass at anything has my unmitigated respect :)

Keep up the fight.


John Hirsch said...

Dude, my wheels came off at morgantown, be thankful you made it this far :)

Serously, you'll come around. the season is insanely long, take a break, live to peak again. You have been crushing it this year, think of all good races you had not the last bad one. That is what I keep telling myself anyways.

LifeTime Fitness said...

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