Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Guys in Funny Clothes

O.K., well, maybe something good came out of the trip to Holland, if it's only this picture.

That's Kevin Lisska (and me on the right), who kicked ass last Sunday and came in 8th, top American and top ten finisher and all around good guy. Psyched that he and his girlfriend Linden signed up for Austin 70.3, my last race of the season.

Wrapping up one of those lovely weeks of "Unstructured training." Got in around 10 hours over 5 days, with one magical run around Timothy Lake, about an hour east of P-land: 11.5 slow miles of lovely introspection and then a dip in a 4000 foot tarn. What a day to re-invigorate your love of running: 70s, Mt. Hood in the background, and the threat of 400 pound cougars that "usually retreat in the face of thrown rocks and yelling." Marvelous.

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