Friday, October 3, 2008

Fantasy Cyclocross

I've officially sunk to new lows of dork-dom: Fantasy Cyclocross. Now, the last time I managed any fantasy team, it was for a friend who was leading a three-week canoe trip. When he came back, his team was malingering in the bottom third of the standings, with a Red Sox heavy pitching rotation (I traded Odalis Perez for Alan Embree?! What was I thinking?). I've got slightly better footing here, although my Fantasy 'Cross team (aptly named, I think, "French Death Pimps Dressed All In White," a term connisseurs will recognize, perhaps, from an earlier post) is only MOP right now. I've got a mix of US and Belgian riders that will stand me in good stead once the European UCI season really gets rolling, but my mainstays will be Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers here on this side of the pond.

Leaving in a few hours for Austin 70.3! Updates from Texas will be forthcoming.

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