Monday, September 28, 2009

DZ Nuts Chamois Cream Preview

Chamois Creams aren't created equal, even though it seems that providing undercarriage lubricant for male cyclists (do women use these products? Speak up, ladies) would be pretty easy engineering. Who hasn't, no cream left in the tub, reached for that pot of aging Vaseline in the medicine chest, the one sitting right next to rusting nail clippers and toenail scissors?

I'm still quite surprised by the number of cyclists and triathletes who don't use chamois cream. My excellent fiance, Amy, burns through several tubes of lip balm/chapstick a season, and I usually say something to the effect of "I hear that that stuff just makes your lips dry out faster afterward." She shrugs and says "So I'm addicted—my lips are moist, though." Chamois cream is the same way. Apply once and you're hooked forever.

In honor of the Blogs with Balls shout-out last week, I'm dedicating this whole week to that phrase's second noun. We're starting, of course, with DZ Nuts, a wag's title if I've ever heard one. I'm gonna give you a preview today based mostly on scent, and then take the embrocation through its paces. Each cream is going to get a short ride, a hard ride, and long ride, so you'll unfortunately be hearing about this stuff for some time. I'll give you all the details for Dave Zabriske's product, and then give you summaries for the other contenders (Assos, of course, and then other less PRO applications such as Chamois Budd'r and its ilk).

DZ Nuts comes in a stylish black tube apropos of a high end hair salon. It describes itself as a "High Viscosity" chamois cream. I wonder if this title is a misnomer. Could you have a "Low Viscosity" cream? Maybe heavy cream is low viscosity, since it still flows, but I think we all assume these products to be of a consistency that will allow them to spread but

On the nose you definitely get a lot of tea tree oil, which I like, and perhaps some menthol. It's a pleasing scent, one you probably wouldn't mind spreading through your hair until remembering that it's meant for a whole other region. I've got high hopes for this one, especially since it came recommended.

Tomorrow: the short ride!


maura said...

1. I don't use chamois cream, but I'm more of a pedaler than a cyclist, so I don't think I'm in the population you're trying to poll.

2. I hope you try out Mad Alchemy's stuff. They have them in Euro PRO and PRO Plus varieties and I think you should go with the former, for so many reasons. And the company is local to the MetroWest!

3. By the way, I just realized that your header photo is me, this summer, in SF. My wheel went right into the trolley track and then I flew off. This was a few days after bragging about never having road rash. Doh! It did make me look pretty hard core doing Half Dome a few days later.

4. I now own a Surly Steamroller. Yippppeeee!

AJ said...

speaking on behalf of many...hell ya we do. i'm too cheap for creams though. vaseline doesn't age much around here.

Toby said...

I just stumbled onto this site after seeing your post. Thought you might be interested in a local, handmade, 'eco-friendly' product.

good luck!