Monday, March 22, 2010

Life is Good

I'm back again, after a prolonged absence from this site. Life has turned inside-out over the past few months, the last gasp of normalcy dating from my last post more than three months ago. In that spirit here's a picture from Cross Natz 2009, just after my 29th place finish in the Men's 30-34 race. 'Cross, it seems, is immune to the vagaries of finishing order (at least at my level). No matter where I come in, I'm stoked, in the same way that getting out in the water, no matter the quality of the waves, leaves me stoked.

Perhaps it's a good thing for professional athletes to have another sport in which they compete at a high but amateur level. Cyclocross is brutally hard, incredibly painful. It doesn't leave me refreshed in body, but in spirit. Somehow, over the last ten years, I had lost that ability to find refreshment in most of my life, which is why I look so unbearably happy in this picture. Buoyed by a series of steps I've taken recently, I've rediscovered that joy of spirit in the rest of my life. Writing, of course, is part of that joy, and I'm returning (again) re-dedicated (again) to these pages, hoping to accurately chronicle the ups and downs of a professional triathlete's career.

Thanks, as always, to those that are listening out there.

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