Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turkey on the Trail?

O.K., a tangent. Thanksgiving's my favorite holiday, because eating is just about my favorite thing to do. But this year is different: Amy and I are going to Moab for three days of mountain biking, and we'll probably spend the day in question picking gravel out of my knees. What, do you think, is an acceptable Thanksgiving day meal, consumed on the side of a singletrack trail? Any great suggestions from the admittedly tiny peanut gallery? What would you eat that A) would be different from your standard during-exercise nosh and B) is plausible, considering we probably won't have access to an oven or the ability to consume a monster like the one above, here.

Gobble gobble.


JVT said...

GU stuffing?

kilidogs said...

It seems pretty obvious to me that you would cook a huge thanksgiving meal this week, Monday night or Tuesday night, and then make sandwiches out of the left overs, put those in little bags or tupperwares (in the ideal world vacuum sealed, but life without packout is always lacking something), and then eat the Thanksgiving sandwich on or about Thursday..