Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fantasy Tri Minute 4/24

There are five (5!) races on the FantasyTri calendar for this week, which makes picking both easier and more difficult. The huge number of races this week, however, makes me wonder why they don't have my race set up for next week. Hmph. Without further ado (since I'm already a day late) here are my choice for tomorrow (I think you can still get in on the action for another few hours).

Men: This week I'm shifting my strategy and picking more "within the top ten" guys and more "heavy-hitter" women. There are some great bargains to be had at the moment due to some glitches in the FantasyTri ranking system. Here's my lineup, my cost, and my rationalization.

Stephen Bayliss: He's the class of the Ironman SA field and a pretty economical choice for below $8000. Reynard Tissink is in the field, though, and could very well challenge for the win.

Ben Collins: Although he wears a "funny" suit to practice, Collins could be one of the better athletes in Ishigaki this weekend. Among the other American choices are Chris Tremonte and Jimmy Archer, neither of whom should threaten. If you want to pick a possible winner, David Dellow might be your best bet.

Richie Cunnigham: Richie is money in the bank. If he doesn't win, he'll come in third. Once Amy ate his leftover meatballs off his plate in Newfoundland, a continuous source of allusive amusement.

Tim O'Donnell: For some reason, the FantasyTri people have Tim listed at $4585. I'm not sure how that happened with several wins to his name last year. Second best bargain of the week (second best?!)

David Thompson: David is a fighter, and although I don't think he'll win St. Anthony's, I bet he'll place. It will be interesting to see him out there against Crowie in the short course stuff again. If you want a winner, pick Matty Reed.


Bella Bayliss:
By the magic of marriage, Bella neƩ Comerford is listed Bella Bayliss and, as such, hasn't been awarded any results. You can pick up this multiple IM winner for $250. Natch.

Leanda Cave: She's fast, and is one of the better athletes in the IM 70.3 Galveston field. I'm going to tip her as the winner.

Kim Loeffler: Third place at IM NZ, and that was about 7 weeks ago. I'll bet she's been working on her speed on top of a huge base. I predict podium.

Shonny Vanlandingham: Other than the best name in the sport, she should do quite well at Xterra West. I don't know if she'll win, but she'll be in the mix and get me some points.

Karin Thuerig: 9th at Clearwater last year and she only costs $250?! She'll get you some points.

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