Friday, April 2, 2010

First Look—Newton Isaac Trail

These arrived in the mail the other day, part of my participation in the Newton Wear Testing program. In terms of aesthetics, Newton is doing exactly what I hoped they would do: stay away from the more neutral colors they've been peddling recently (who needs more red or white running shoes?) and gone back to the beautifully garish "What the hell are those?" color schemes they brought out in 2007. Shoe style has gotten much more liberal in recent years (are we getting more European?) and these Newtons remind me of the Mizuno Cross Country racers, which look (and feel) like a kind of neon alligator.

At first wear, these shoes are incredibly comfortable. The toebox is quite roomy (maybe a little too much?). I would suggest, if they continue with this sizing, to order down 1/2 a size (I usually wear 12.5s in Newtons—I think a 12 might fit a little better), but I'll let you know as soon as I wear them more.

They feel a bit heavy, but nothing out of the ordinary for a trail shoe. I'm looking forward to trashing them on Portland's muddy trails.

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