Thursday, February 21, 2008

Never Ceasing

My amazement/admiration at/of the interweb's ability to bring out the crafty in people (or, perhaps, not the craftiness, but the venue though which to dispense that craftiness). A buddy of mine sent me a link to Ikea Hacker (itself an outpost on this particular fiefdom of blogs) the other day, along with the popular interweb admonishment, "You've got to see this." Here's the result of open source thought, focused on affordable Swedish home furnishings:

A bike rack, composed of around 40 Euros worth of materials. Yup, you could head over to Nashbar and pick up the same functionality for the same number of clams, but wouldn't you feel better having "hacked" something, even something as innocuous as a Scandinavian stripper's pole?

I gotta say I love the idea, and, by extension, the whole site itself. It's like Pimp my Ride for poor homeowners in their thirties. Any cursory examination of its riches will reveal a TV cabinet hacked into a terrarium, dishes that become clocks, and a bathroom designer named splatgirl. Sounds perfect.

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