Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Trip, Day One

Following in the footsteps of blogs such as Mud and Cowbells and Sprinter Della Casa, here's my 2008 cycling trip log. Day one was pretty nondescript: taught all morning at the Put-put, packed for two hours (packing for 16 days, 4 sports, and 10 job interviews=difficult), put the surfboards on the car, the bike in the back (the C'dale is still too young to go on the roof on a windy, salty day), and headed out for a short ski. It was one of those perfect snow days: dry, fast, cold, and beautiful. I could only spare an hour, but I looked longingly out at the trails as I walked back to the house. Then it was in the car and off to NYC, for the first 4 days of the trip and my job interviews. Run-of-the-mill ride down: awful traffic in Hartford (and so many people in the carpool lane passing the jam—people must be getting better about ride-sharing), crazymen on the Merrit, and then that final, always new rush down into Manhattan. Currently residing on the bed-couch of my first cousin, once removed (Harvey, an all-around marvelous guy who likes P.G. Wodehouse (he's already offered any of his library for loan), hiking, and the Wesleyan Cardinal), I'm typing here entry and watching, quizzically and over Harvey's wife's shoulder, some show that's perhaps called Lipstick Jungle? There's a character on it (female) that I swear is acted by a man. Welcome back to New York. Tomorrow: job interviews and a return to one of my old favorite training grounds: Central Park.

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