Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Giro Almost (The Trip, Day 13)

I usually don't like to pan things, especially something that's responsible for my continued existence on Earth, but I have to give a resounding Bronx Cheer to the Giro Almost (yes, I have anagrammed and added a letter to this popular helmet's title). Sure, Lance wore one, and it's supposed to, like, make your head cooler than if you weren't wearing a helmet at all, but this hardhat has been nothing but a hassle from the moment it came out of the box. A few reasons:

1: The Fit. The Almost uses a kind of slide/release cinch mechanism located at the back of your head. This mechanism has two faults. One, you can't make it small enough (I had a size large and I do not have a small head; go ahead, I left myself open for that one), and two, it breaks easily. In fact, that's the second problem with this helmet...

2: It breaks easily. The suspension system (more on that below) is attached to the helmet's foam in two places, with a sort of rivet/button system, right at the rider's temples. Both of my rivets broke after only using the helmet for a short amount of time, so the suspension slides around pretty easily up top, which is not an endearing feature of a helmet.

3: The suspension is cheap and flimsy. After the attachment points breaking, the suspension slid out of place at the top of the helmet, too. You can now hold onto the suspension and the helmet will dangle, jellyfish-like, about a foot below the stretched and maxed-out suspension plastic.

4: It's huge. I look like a Goomba from Super Mario Brothers. Seriously. Put this thing on and you'll look like a mushroom, too.

I miss my good 'ol, white, Specialized Decibel. Classy, sleek, low-profile, and did I mention it was white? I'll be riding in Rudy Project helmets for this year, so I'm bidding the Almost farewell when I get back to Putney. Good riddance.

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