Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Trip, Day Three: Shaving Day

Yeah, I know I didn't get to a "Part Two" for yesterday's post about the Carney, Sandoe and Associates job fair in NYC. I figure you got kind of a picture of it, so I'll just add two details from interviews subsequent to that post:

A) Head of English Department (?) who talked about the school's history for 25 minutes, then outlined the benefits program (!).

B) Head of school who asked me, in all honesty, with his own iPhone sitting there on the table in front of me, to "Describe to me what the iPhone movie of you teaching a class looks like."

Other than that, the people I talked to were great: excited about education and about bringing a good person to his/her school. Of course, when you're the interviewer, you get to be normal and balanced. It's the other side, the "Please love me and value me" side that looks pathetic and creepy the way all seekers of love/affirmation look.

Anyway. I got in two lovely workouts today, both in Central Park. My hamstring was acting up, so instead of the 8 x 1:00 fartlek intervals, I did 8 efficiency intervals, basically running swiftly with good form, but not pushing it. Then I did my recovery run for the week, bringing my run time to 1:15. After two amazing tacos from my favorite taco shop in Manhattan (La Esquina, at Cleveland and Lafayette just north of Chinatown) and two cups of coffee with one of my best friends, Damien, I headed back to the park for 5 laps (30 miles) of Central Park riding. The C'Dale, as expected, rides like a dream. Back to my cousin's apartment, it was time to shave, even though most Belgian PROs (and my crazy teammate, Tyson) won't shave the day before a race because it's "fatiguing."

I love that first shave of the year. The aformentioned Tyson shaves throughout the winter, because he claims that his legs start to itch. I like not having to worry about it for a few months, but that first shave back is truly a bitch. I had help this time from Aki's shaving post at Sprinter Della Casa, and used disposables rather than my Mach 3. Hard to say if they helped, since I didn't have an electric to take care of the hedge trimming aspect of legs that hadn't been shaved in months. Still, I got it done, and the first race of the season goes off tomorrow. There are almost 60 guys signed up for my race tomorrow (incredible, really, for a 3/4 race that starts at 6:30 AM on the second day of March), so I'm ready for some good racing. My legs may be a bit tired, but I think I've done the head work to nab a result tomorrow. I'll let you know then.

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