Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Trip, Day Six

Day six already! Amazing how leaving Putney last Thursday seems both recent and long gone, but that's how mixed vacations go. Today I finally settled into one location, Charlottesville, although after tomorrow, J.Dukes and I are off to Chincoteague for some surfing and shirtless wild pony chasing. Today brought some swimming and some running, as the weather was Pacific Northwest all day. But tomorrow I've got big plans: and 80 mile ride down around Scotsville, in the James River Valley. The flood-like rains currently coursing down have me worried about wet roads, but with temps in the 60s (take that, Vermont), things'll dry out quickly. The road rash is healing, courtesy a dip in the UVA pool today (gross for everybody else, but disinfectant for me!), and I'm ready for some real training hours tomorrow. 6, if everything goes to plan!

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